Samantha Gardner:
My little girl Jasmine has grown so much since joining Smartie Pants. Always happy when I fetch her and always smiling. Compared to the previous school she was she has really learnt a lot in such little time. She really enjoys going to school and interacting with her teachers and friends. I want to give a big thank u to Taralyn and her team for all the hard work and patience.

Chantele Siedle:
Our son Seth has been at Smartie pants for almost a year, and we have never been happier about this decision. Seth LOVES going to school and always comes home with new exciting things to tell us. His swimming lessons every Thursday that are done with Swimtastic has been just a progressive and exciting, for him and for us!!! Now...our baby can swim, yay! This is a GREAT school, with GREAT teachers that are so kind and sweet, you know your babies are in good hands! #Lovethisplace

Lizelle Naidoo:
Dedication, Hardwork and Love is what you see when you look at all the teachers and there assistants. They always have time for each kid and there individual needs. Alanka is such a proud a confident outspoken kid since she has joined Smartie Pants. Thanks too all who make my little girls day so exciting.

Dwayne Bothma :
Our boy's have grown so much with the help and love they have received from Smartie Pants. Mandy and I will continue to support Taralyn and Smartie Pants even after our beautiful boys out grow the school. we love all the teachers chosen by Taralyn and they do amazing work. thank you ladies!!!

Vishani Moodley:
A Big Thank you to Taralyn and team for the loving , caring and stimulating environment they provide to our children.Yalsha has grown in leaps and bounds since joining Smartie Pants.Smartie Pants is most definetly a home away from home.Well done and keep up the excellent work !

Shivani Maharaj:
Chelsea does not want to come home with us in the afternoon. This sums up the wonderful care that Taralyn and her team take of her. All the staff and teachers take the utmost care of her. She LOVES Smartie Pants. We as parents could not have asked for better than Taralyn and her wonderful, caring team. Smartie Pants is a home away from home. Thank you Taralyn and team for the superb job with Chelsea.

Thobile Maloka:
It is with great sadness to bid farewell to Smartie pants. Our son Mogale loved his time at the school. The friendly teachers and staff. He has had tremendous development over the year. His language, social skills towards other kids and his psychical, development. he his generally a happier baby. thank you Tarayln and Thank Smartie Pants. You made my job as a mother much easier. We will miss you dearly

Jessica Pretorius:
We firmly believe our child is cared for and are continually impressed with every aspect of Smartie Pants School. The genuine care of the staff make a world of difference. Megan loves loves her teachers and is always welcomed with a big smile every morning. Megan has come on in leaps and bounds this year - she now has her numbers and letters and is even practising writing. Staff are completely approachable and completely understanding to each child's needs. Thank you Taralyn!

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